Biopolymers and cell. 1991. Volume 7. 1. 25 - 30




Conformational Analysis of Fragment 1-45 of Rabbit Adenylate Kinase Based on Two-Dimensional Nuclear Overhauser Effect Spectroscopy Data




    The conformations of a synthetic peptide corresponding to residues 1-45 of rabbit adenylate kinase in free and MgATP-bound states were determined in terms of the two-dimensional nuclear Overhauser effect spectoscopy data using the earlier suggested method. The elements of the regular secondary structure were identified and the conformations of its irregular segments were analyzed for both peptide states. The comparison was made between peptide conformation in the solution and conformation of fragment 1-45 of the X-ray structure of porcine adenylate kinase. The conformations of most of aniino acid residues in solution and crystal form were shown to be similar. The conformational changes of the peptide caused by its interaction with MgATP were investigated using the results above.