Biopolymers and cell. 2000; 16 (2): 108 - 114



Subrepeats of the intergenic spacer of the Nicotiana ribosomal DNA


S. I. Komarnytsky


Restriction analysis of nuclear DNA combined with, the blot-hybridization has been used to determine the distribution of the subrepeats of central part of Nicotiana tabacum rDNA intergenic spacer (IGS) among 68 Nicotiana tabacum species. It has been shown that the ancestor of N. plumbaginifolia or N. longiflora may be the donor of N. clevelandii (Bigelovianae), N. debneyi and N. suaveolens (Suaveolentes) rDNAs. N. corymbosa, N. miersii or N. spegazzinii may be the second nuclear DNA donor for N. debneyi, whereas N. acaulis may have played this role in the case of N. suaveolens.