Biopolymers and cell. Volume 20. 1-2. 42-49.


I. O. Andreev, K. V. Spiridonova, V. A. Kunakh


Plant genome rearrangements in cell culture in vitro




The paper summarizes the results of long-term investigation in vitro on the plant cells genome, which is the focus of research in the Department of Cell Population Genetics of IMBG NASU. The data obtained evidence the common features in the genome rearrangement pattern exhibited by plant cells in vitro and during natural speciation. In particular, the genome heterogeneity of cell populations in culture at the cytological level seems to be determined by the peculiarities of genome formation in the course of evolution. On the other hand, the correlation between rearrangements of specific DNA sequences in cell culture and their interspecies variations in intact plants has been found. Altogether the data allow to suggest that there are common principles determining the pattern and trends of the plant genome rearrangements in cell culture in vitro and during speciation. Therefore, given considerable mutation rate as against the intact plants, plant cell culture open new vistas for genome evolution research.