Biopolymers and cell. 2006; 22 (4): 251 - 275



Our «shagreen leather» is our problem, and we are the ones to solve it. 7. The change of paradigm. First steps.


 V. A. Kordium


The problem of Timeliness of scientific and technological achievements is brought up for discussion. Existence of more sophisticated mechanisms rather than the real implementation of a new idea, development, and even prototype is being postulated in order for this novelty to enter life and everyday routine. As for our “shagreen leather” problem under consideration, Timeliness is conditioned by Mankind passing into the new system of his existence called the Noosphere. And this fact predetermines the inevitability of its solving. The notion of biological time is analyzed on the grounds of its difference from physical one. The last, though, still not resolved fundamental restriction on the way to the biological time control, i.e. heterochronous incompatibility, is highlighted. The reality of the beginning of the individual’s parting in biological time with his subsequent heterochronous compatibility was also marked to have passed into practice, in the form of cord blood preserving and storing in liquid nitrogen (i.e. at the condition, when the biological time is stopped) with its subsequent usage as autologous material for tissue and organ reconstruction (“regenerative medicine”) for a young, adult and old organism to be. Possible ways of heterochronous material usage and expected establishment of the new “age regulating” trend in medicine are analyzed.


Key words: biological time, heterochronous compatibility, cord blood.