Biopolym. Cell. 1985; 1(6):293-307.
New inhibitors of DNA and RNA biosynthesis in vitro and in vivo
1Babealashvilli R. Sh., 1Chidgeavadze Z. G., 2Krayevsky A. A., 2Kukhanova M. K., 2Atrazhev A. M., 3Azhaev A. V., 2Kutateladze T. V.
  1. Research Institute of Experimental Cardiology, National Cardiological Research Centre, Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR
    Moscow, USSR
  2. Institute of Molecular Biology, Academy of Sciences of the USSR
    Moscow, USSR
  3. Institute of Physiology, Academy of Sciences of the Georgian SSR,
    Tbilisi, USSR


This review summarizes the authors' data on the pathways of the synthesis and properties of a great number of new inhibitors of DNA and RNA biosynthesis in vitro and in vivo. The molecular mechanism of the action of these inhibitors in the reactions of polymerization, pyrophosphorolysis and hydrolysis is determined using individual templatfts with involvement of purified DNA and RNA polymerases. Some of these inhibitors are shown to be applicable fo studying of replication in the culture of eukaryotic cells, in embryos and cell nuclei, as well as for repairing DNA in chromatin


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