Biopolym. Cell. 1995; 11(3-4):55-65.
Polymerase chain reaction with arbitrary oligonucleotide primers
1Calendar R. N., 1Syvolap Yu. M.
  1. Plant breeding and Genetics Institute, National Centre of Seed and Cultivar Investigation
    Ovidiopol'skaya dor., 3, Odessa, Ukraine, 65036


Polymerase chain reaction with arbitrary oligonucleotide primers has some theoretical and methodics peculiarities. For resolution of some from them was proposed the mathematical model of PCR reaction and dynamics of formation of the reaction product and other molecules taking part in this process. The formula for calculation temperature of oligonucleotide primers melting was proposed to calculate of the optimal temperature of annealing. The idealize model of the genome DNA and computer program of screening of all arbitrary were created. The statistical regularity of appointed combinations of nucleotides in primers showed;- it is specific for reveal of the polymorphism. Hence in follows possibility of direct designing primers was showed.


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