Biopolym. Cell. 1996; 12(4):84-87.
The reduction of oxidative phosphorylalion's efficiency in donors of extrachoromosome 21
1Arbuzova S. B., 1Solovyeva V. D., 1Phedotova O. O.
  1. City Clinical Hospital N 1 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
    57, Artema Str, Donetsk, Ukraine, 340000


The indices of energy metabolism in 70 mothers-donors ofextrachromosome 21 have been studied on the basis of our suggestion about the role of mt DNA mutations in pathogenesis of trisomy 21. The changes of ratio between serum and erythrocyte's phosphorus, the increase o flactat dehydrogenase and creatin kinase activity in serum, the decrease of ATP level are the evidence of the reduction of oxidative phosphorylation's efficiency and show the mitochondrial «stress» in donors of extrachromosome 21. The obtained results and our earlier presented data about the increased level of free radicals, the oppression of antioxidant system as well as mt DNA's point mutation detected in examined donor of extrachromosome 21 indicate the importance of mitochondrial genome in pathogenesis of trisomy 21,


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