Biopolym. Cell. 2001; 17(3):237-241.
Molecular and Cell Biotechnologies
Gene co-integration at simultaneous transformation of Arabidopsis thaliana plants by different vectors using the in planta method
1, 2Radchuk V. V.
  1. Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering, NAS of Ukraine
    148, Akademika Zabolotnogo Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03680
  2. Institute of Horticultural Crops, Federal Centre for Breeding Research on Cultivated Plants
    Neuer Weg 22/23, D-06484 Quedlinburg, Germany


As a result of in planta transformation of Arabidopsis thaliana plants by using Agrobacterium mixture, containing three different constructions, 68 transgenic lines have been obtained High frequency of gene co-integration due to the transformation is reported. Twenty three (34 %) plants possessed two T-DNAs from different constructions, while six plants (ca. 9 %) were with all three T-DNAs. It has been concluded that the efficiency of gene transfer does not depend on the gene length but mainly on competence of the recipient plant cells.


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