Biopolym. Cell. 1986; 2(1):50-52.
Short Communications
Detachment of DNA from the nuclear matrix in growth-arrested transformed chinese hamster fibroblasts
1Sjakste N. I., 1Sjakste T. G.
  1. Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, Ministry of Public Health, Latvian SSR
    Riga, USSR


SV-40 transformed Chinese hamster fibroblasts were growth-arrested by incubation in the medium with lowered serum content. DNA-protein interactions in the cells were studied by the nucleoprotein-celite-chromatography method. Detachment of the DNA from the nuclear matrix was revealed in quiescent cells. After the cells were restimulated to proliferate the reassociation of DNA and nuclear matrix was observed. The weakening of the bonds of a part of DNA with nuclear matrix proteins was also observed in quiescent fibroblasts.


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