Biopolym. Cell. 1986; 2(4):220-223.
Short Communications
Biosynthesis of different kinetic classes of nucleotide sequences in proliferating mouse plasmacytoma MOPC-21 cells
1Komissarenko S. V., 1Lukinov D. I., 1Cherepenko E. I.
  1. A. V. Palladin Institute of Biochemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR
    Kiev, USSR


MOPC-21 mouse plasmacytoma DNA was labelled in vivo during one and a half of cell-cycle period with[3H]-thymidine. This DNA was purified from cell nuclei, sonicated and fractionated on hydroxyapatite on the basis of the reassociation rate. Four kinetic classes of DNA fragments which are highly repetitive, middle repetitive, rare and unique sequences were obtained. All these sequences differed in their specific radioactivity. Highly repetitive sequences had the highest radioactivity as compared to that of the rare and unique sequences. Middle repetitive fragments had the lowest specific radioactivity. Possible reasons for the different level of radioactive thymidine incorporation are discussed.


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