Biopolym. Cell. 2005; 21(6):463-472.
Methyltransferases of plants
1Tishchenko E. N., 1Dubrovnaya O. V.
  1. Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics, NAS of Ukraine
    31/17, Vasylkivska, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03022


In the review the current data on the plant cytosine-C5-DNA-methyltransferases (methyltransferase) are summarized. Three different classes of these enzymes – Dnmt1/MET1, Dnmt3 and CMT are discribed. The proposed function, dealing with maintenance and de novo methylation of cytosine residues in symmetric and asymmetric motifs of DNA, is under discussion.
Keywords: methylation, cytosine, methyltransferase


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