Biopolym. Cell. 2008; 24(2):129-134.
Genome and Its Regulation
PCR-marking of genes of Cbf-family, controlling low temperature acclimatization of barley and soft wheat
1Balashova I. A., 1Balvinska M. S., 2Fait V. I., 1Galaeva M. V., 1Sivolap Yu. M.
  1. South Biotechnological Center of Plant Cultivation
    Ovidiopol'skaya dor., 3, Odessa, Ukraine, 65036
  2. Plant breeding and Genetics Institute, National Centre of Seed and Cultivar Investigation
    Ovidiopol'skaya dor., 3, Odessa, Ukraine, 65036


Polymorphism in the genotypes of barley and soft wheat, contrast in high and low temperature tolerance, was detected by STS-PCR-analysis with primers, directed to Cbf2 gene. It is supposed that polymorphic DNA-loci are associated with the presence of Cbf2 gene in different allelic state in genotypes with high and low cold stress tolerance.
Keywords: barley, wheat, frost resistance, Cbf-genes, STS-PCR


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