Biopolym. Cell. 2010; 26(5):384-389.
Molecular Biophysics
Complexing 7,3',4'-tryoxiflavonol with cell phosphatidylcholine
1Nasibullin R. S., 1Fahretdinova E. R., 1Nusratullin V. M., 1Galeeva R. I.
  1. Bashkir State Medical University
    3, Lenin Str., Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russian Federation, 450000


Aim. To investigate the complex formation of 7,3',4'-tryoxyflavonol of flavonoids group with cellular phosphatidylcholine. Methods. Semi-empirical quantum chemistry, spectroscopy NMR. Results. The changes in conformational status of 7,3',4'-tryoxyflavonol at complex formation have been shown. Conclusions. The conformational changes in phosphatidylcholine take place under the 7,3',4'-tryoxyflavonol/phosphatidylcholine complex formation.
Keywords: comlexing, tryoxyflavonol, phosphatidylcholinе, NMR-spectroscopy, Overhauser effects, semi-empirical quantum chemistry


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