Biopolym. Cell. 1987; 3(3):142-145.
Short Communications
Certain peculiarities of the translation apparatus components of the heterosis maize hybrids
1Kostyshin S. S., 1Marchenko M. M., 1Oplachko L. T., 1Grigorieva N. F.
  1. State University of Chernovtsy
    Chernovtsy, USSR


The aminoacylation of tRNA and activity of ribosomes from hybrid and inbred maize seedlings in the cell-free system of protein synthesis from wheat germs and ribosome sedimentation profiles in the sucrose density gradient have been investigated. A positivecorrelation between the level of heterosis manifestation and the quantity of polysomes in the total ribosomal-preparation, the functional-activity of polysomes and aminoacylation of tRNA in vitro is established in the hybrid generation of plants.


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