Biopolym. Cell. 1988; 4(5):250-254.
Structure and Function of Biopolymers
The efficient method for DNA encapsulation into reconstituted sendai virus envelopes
1Vlassov V. V., 1Krendelev Yu. D., 2Ovander M. N., 1Ryte A. S., 1Repin V. E., 1Svinarchuk F. P.
  1. Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR
    Novosibirsk, USSR
  2. Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR
    Kiev, USSR


The freezing-thawing method is used for encapsulation up to 17000 base pairs DNA into reconstituted Sendai virus envelopes (RSVE). It permits encapsulating up to 30 % of DNA added to the solution. The interaction RSVE loaded with plasmid DNA and Krebs-2 ascites tumours cells results in up to 30 % penetration of the encapsulated material into the cells.


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