Biopolym. Cell. 1988; 4(5):259-266.
Gene-Engineering Biotechnology
Yeast expression vectors based on PHO3 and PHO5 promoters of saccharomyces cerevisiae: construction, relative efficiency, use for overproduction of aminoimidazole carboxylase
1Ostanin K. V., 1Smirnova T. M., 1Myasnikov A. N., 1Gedvilalte D. A., 1Sasnauskaus K. V., 1Smirnov M. N.
  1. A. A. Zhdanov Leningrad State University
    Leningrad, USSR


A series of yeast expression vectors based on promoters of PHO3 and PHO5 genes and transcription terminator region of the PHO5 gene have been constructed. One of the vectors incorporates the site of PHO5 coding for the structure of the leader peptide. The promoter region of these expression vectors is flanked by a fragment of the pUC19 polylinker containing unique restriction sites for EcoRI, Sad, Kpnl and Smal. The efficiency of these vectors was tested in a model study in which they have been used to overproduce the product of yeast ADE2 gene — aminoimidasole carboxylase. The specific activity of this enzyme in yeast transformants was about 1000 times higher than in wild type yeast strains.


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