Biopolym. Cell. 1995; 11(3-4):35-41.
Preparation of the fluorescein reagent for solid-phase oligonucleotide 5'-labelling and its use for the synthesis of fluorescently labelled PCR primers for HIV-1 detection
1Dubey I. Ya., 1Fedoryak O. D., 1Tkachak O. M., 1Fedoryak D. M.
  1. Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry, NAS of Ukraine
    1, Murmans'ka Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 02094


The preparative synthesis of fluorescein H-phosphonate reagent for solid phase 'labelling of oligonucteotides is described. Fluorescein-labelted thymidine and two PCR primers for HIV-1 detection were synthesized using this reagent.


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